About Us 

The ECAS team are Supplier of the Year

Here at ECAS, we’re global experts in network protection.  Whether that’s the water, or the waste water network.

We’ve over 20 years’ experience helping private businesses and public sector organisations – go about their day-to-day operations, in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, nor their business.

And what’s more, our work primarily involves educating communities on how their actions have consequences for where they work and live – and for the environment at large.

Our people and their expertise

Our teams have unique expertise in the following areas.

Aside from being highly skilled and trained in all the right areas – we genuinely care for the environment we live in, and are passionate about protecting it for the future.

And obsessed with quality – we strive to consistently deliver exceptional standards on every project we embark upon – as reflected in our Quality Management System (QMS) accreditations.