Our role

Environmentalists. Compliance Specialists. Business Partners. Educators. Campaigners. Innovators.

At ECAS, we’ve unrivalled experience in helping profit and non-profit organisations – go about their day-to-day operations, in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, nor their business.

We wear multiple hats when it comes to working with our clients, because naturally they have different needs.

From compliance audits and equipment installation, to training programmes and campaigning for behavioural change – as global experts in network protection, our role is to make it easy for our clients to be environmentally compliant.

Find out more about the different roles we play below:

We’re Environmentalists

We genuinely care for the environment we live in, and we’re passionate about protecting it for the future. Our experience has taught us that most people are.

But for many organisations – whilst they know they have a duty of care to the environment – they find it a daunting and time-consuming task to make sure they’re operating compliantly and ethically.

There’s lots of environmental laws and regulations like the Water Industry and the Environmental Protection Act. It’s often seen as a complex and painful job, especially for busy, business owners.

Our role is to alleviate that pain. We want to help all our clients care for the environment as much as we do.


We’re Compliance Specialists

Our core business is in helping organisations adhere to regulatory compliance. That way, they avoid fines and surcharges from utility companies and regulatory bodies. But most importantly, they help protect their own buildings, their people and the environment.

We’re experts in assessing business operations for compliance issues and can help organisations to create a plan for reaching and maintaining compliance.

Our people are highly skilled and trained in all the right areas – from auditing and risk management, to compliance reporting and technical engineering.

We know from years of experience, that for many businesses, sticking to rules and regulations around environmental compliance isn’t always a priority and seen as a bit of an overhead. Our job is to make things easy for them.

We’re Business Partners

Our clients occupy many sectors and range from water companies and food service establishments, to commercial landlords and local authorities.

And whilst their requirements differ, the one thing they do have in common is the need for expert and comprehensive advice, combined with practical and sensible solutions. And that’s exactly what they get from us.

The way we work with our clients is unique – we often become part of their team, which allows us to get an insight into their world, seeing challenges from their perspective.

Whilst we’re not afraid to challenge our clients, we’re also not in the habit of presenting insurmountable problems without stopping to help fix them. Our style is to collaborate, not dictate. Our client’s success is our success. It’s as simple as that.

We’re Problem Solvers

We work with water companies, food service establishments, commercial landlords, facility managers, and local authorities – to solve their problems around environmental compliance.

We pride ourselves in helping businesses get to the root cause of problems – not just addressing the symptoms.

And what’s more, we’ve built up an enviable reputation for never giving up. We’re fiercely determined to get to the bottom of every issue. So, for example, if there’s a compliance failure, we want to explore why it’s happened.

Our years of experience, means our expertise lies in seeing the end-to-end picture and delivering a comprehensive, but bespoke solution that works for our clients.

We’re Educators

A big part of network protection lies in changing behaviours. Whether that’s the behaviour of people running restaurants, or the actions of facility managers looking after office blocks.

For some organisations, sticking to rules and regulations on how to operate compliantly and ethically, is at the bottom of their endless ‘to-do’ list. So, it’s our job to ignite their interest in doing the right thing.

Over the years, we’ve delivered training and education programmes that get people thinking and behaving differently.

Whether it’s showcasing fat traps, performing audits, or bringing to life the problem with real case studies – education is key to unlocking prevention.


We’re Campaigners

The crusade to prevent problems occurring because of sewer misuse – has been our raison d’etre for many years.

From ITV stories to TV shows like Rip Off Britain – we’re proud to be seen as zealots, because we know the cost of ignoring this issue – to both businesses and the environment. But equally we know that publicity campaigns drive changes in behaviour.



We’re Innovators

We’re excited about the future and the opportunity to re-use the fats, oils and grease (FOG) we dispose of – in a sustainable way. For example, by generating renewable energy.

Our appetite for innovation comes from designing, developing and executing the first FOG management programme in a European city – where 210,000 litres of FOG was prevented from entering the sewer.

Having worked in this field for several years now, we’ve built up a privileged list of useful contacts and enjoy fantastic relationships with: waste management companies, councils, governing bodies, environment groups and utility companies – all of which we’re working with, to look at sustainable ways of FOG re-use.