Solving Complex Problems with Sustainable Solutions!

ECAS is an Industry leading provider of water and waste monitoring, air monitoring, environmental advisory and environmental training solutions for Commercial and Utility Clients. Operating in the United Kingdom and other European markets, we are passionate about using scientific and engineering skills to develop robust and sustainable solutions to our clients' problems. We provide services that contribute to the protection, enhancement and maintenance of the natural environment.

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Environmental Monitoring

ECAS provide environmental monitoring services for Water and Waste water, Air and Emissions and Environmental Management. In the UK complex legislation surrounding environmental management is getting more and more difficult…

FOG Management

Our programmed approach, knowledge, determine the extent of any related problems and provide concise reporting, analysis and recommendations, setting out the options for consideration. Awareness and education of key issues.

Recycling Campaigns

A sustainable way of life will not emerge because a few invent a geo-engineering solution. Rather, it depends on all of us thinking and behaving differently in the many things we do in our day-to-day lives.