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The ECAS team has an excellent mix of both academic and technical experience in all areas of waste water and water discharge licensing. The ECAS team has the distinction of being instrumental in designing and implementing the first FOG Management programme to be run by a European city where over 2,100 tonnes of FOG was recovered from entering the sewerage network much of which is being diverted into renewable energy and has resulted in saving the Municipality hundreds and thousands of Euros in operational cost by reducing maintenance costs in the sewerage system and pumping stations. This success was achieved by stakeholder involvement and continuous education of the food service establishments.

Integrated Management System


Job Opportunities

ECAS is currently expanding its services internationally.

We are currently looking for individuals to join a growing international consultancy business:

  1. Environmental Consultants
  2. Renewable Energy Consultants
  3. Software Developers
  4. University Graduates
  5. Post Doctorate Students

Please submit your CV here to be considered for available jobs.