ECAS Consultancy

ECAS provide the necessary processes and tools to our clients to protect resources—financial, infrastructural and environmental. We assist food service businesses, facility managers and property owners to solve problems, protect assets, save energy, conserve water, and reduce waste. All contributing to sustainability!

As a business, we have over 20 years’ experience in mechanical and plumbing engineering, solving fats oils and grease issues, increasing kitchen efficiencies and contributing to renewable energy resources. ECAS can assist food service businesses and property management companies to decrease overall operational and maintenance costs of commercial kitchens, avoid sewer blockages & eliminate unnecessary costs. We assist with regulatory compliance, avoiding fines and surcharges from Water Utility companies and the Environmental Agency, limiting environmental impacts.

ECAS has years of experience in dealing with regulatory compliance related to drainage and electrical regulatory compliance and sustainability initiatives for facility and retail management, commercial, industrial and institutional businesses, and restaurant design.

We collaborate with agencies, government, municipalities, for-profit and non-profit businesses, and organisations in sustainability efforts,  reducing the financial burdens of environmental regulatory compliance requirements.

ECAS provide practical solutions to avoid expensive pollution to our waterways and to our wastewater collection and treatment systems to prevent “fatbergs”, backups and overflows from disposal of used cooking grease and food waste all of which can cause property and environmental damage, are very costly to businesses and infrastructural management and which can impair quality of drinking water and recreational areas, and contribute to wastewater collection system blockages and corrosion.