Corporate Social Responsibility

The culture within ECAS is to strongly believe that acting responsibly and contributing positively to the communities we operate in is the cornerstone of our company.

This involves working closely with our employees, their families and the local community.

Our CSR policies have four key areas of focus within how we see ourselves serving the needs of the communities we work with; these are –

Community Working

ECAS work in partnership with community organisations, charities and the public to create a more equitable and safe environment and society.

Marketplace Developing

ECAS provide services that enhance the communities we work in. We are continuously looking for new services and ways to address social and environmental problems. We recognise that there is alignment between the key external issues that affect future success and appropriately look towards behaviour change priorities to achieve these. We believe in making a difference within the communities we provide our services to

Environment Measuring

ECAS continuously strives to provide improving environmental impact on the communities that we serve.

ECAS works with its customers and the communities we serve to deliver sustainable working solutions to a diverse group of stakeholders. We strive to create environmental projects that individuls within these communities can actively take part in. This ultimately assists them to protect and enhance the environment for future generations.

Workplace Operating

ECAS has a culture where inclusion is the norm and diversity and equality are promoted.