FOG Management

Our Programmed Approach


Determine the extent of any related problems and provide concise reporting, analysis and recommendations, setting out the options for consideration.


Awareness and education of key issues. Providing leadership and sustainability through innovative approaches on our FOG Program. Empowering key stakeholders including FSEs is essential to a successful FOG program implementation.


Specialised software tools to assist management. This is specialised FOG software to monitor waste water audits; the software is secure on a cloud environment and available on the Windows, Android and Apple OS platforms.

Sustainable Solutions

We can determine the potential for generating renewable energy from municipal waste streams. As the saying goes, “Where there is muck there is money!”. We have valuable industry application of the following renewable enterprises:

  1. Anaerobic digestion
  2. Windrow composting
  3. Thermal processing
  4. Generation of thermal and electrical energy from renewables
  5. Bio Diesel production
  6. Purified glycerine