Recycling Campaigns


Changing Community Behaviours

When we look at how the public view sustainability, our experience has shown us that singling out saving energy, waste, and recycling are drivers for most people. This experience shows that to encourage participation in such initiatives it should be sold first on the personal benefits, rather than global.

ECAS change management campaigns will provide benefits to the local community by improving the environment that people live and work in. ECAS build rigorous change management campaigns to educate communities with the view of introducing behaviours that encourage recycling waste.

Building a Sustainable ‘Way of Life’

A sustainable way of life will not emerge because a few invent a geo-engineering solution. Rather, it depends on all of us thinking and behaving differently in the many things we do in our day-to-day lives.

The substantial number of small changes need to be inspired by government and business taking the first steps and putting in place the infrastructure, business models and incentives to encourage behaviour change. Individuals need government and business to inspire and ease the shift towards environmentally sustainable practice.


ECAS Change Management Programmes

ECAS believes that three levels of strategy are required in order to give environmental community based recycling schemes the best chance of success. ECAS approach change management and communication through

1. Project activities and resulting communication strategy, including the standard communication and dissemination channels (project website, thematic conference events, information material to be distributed during events);

2. Awareness raising and consensus building communication strategy, focusing on the organisation of local and international initiatives aimed to attract the interest of a large audience of participants and stakeholders in the project themes and activities;

3. Model Transfer strategy, aims to realise the real transfer of knowledge produced by the project to other key participants and local/regional institutions.

Publicity Campaigns

ECAS believe that publicity campaigns should be significant as they require introducing new recycling habits in homes. This relies on special effort by the administration to inform citizens and will need to be supported by high profile sponsors;

The Environment is a school subject, recycling is a good practical example of sustainability, teaching value at all educational levels. ECAS Campaigns can therefore involve educational facilities such as schools and these can also be supported with campaigns suitable for the audience.