Clients choose us

Since early 2016 clients have chosen to work in partnership with ECAS and we have been offering our services to the private sector. These services include carrying out environmental compliance audits of facilities to include individual food service businesses, shopping centres, office blocks and public facilities such as airports, train stations etc. where large amounts of individual FSE ‘s may be discharging FOG and food waste to the drainage networks. Our expertise assists in discovering the root cause of any issue experienced within the internal or external drainage network which enables us to provide sensible solutions that fit our client’s requirements to prevent this waste becoming a recurring problem. All solutions put forward by ECAS will protect and future proof any requirements the Water Utilities may put on our clients.

Additionally, our services will contribute towards improving your environmental performance and therefore help to demonstrate your commitment towards sustaining the environment for future generations. The impact of our services is to provide quantitative measures that will form part of your environmental footprint and performance results becoming an integral element of corporate environmental performance reporting. This is a fundamental element of corporate citizenship and CSR reporting.

ECAS is a consultancy company that operates with an integrated management system. It is planned that certification to BS OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety and BS EN ISO14001 Environment Management will be completed by September 2017. We work with municipalities, water companies and local authorities worldwide to design, build and manage sewer misuse programmes for controlling industrial FOG and food waste discharges. As a company, we specialise in providing practical solutions to control all forms of diffused pollution from industrial and commercial sectors.