Community engagement

We work in your communities, delivering your key messages, and driving behavioural changes that help protect the environment.


Engaging, educating, and enforcing compliance

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with our utility partners to get households and business owners to think and behave differently through training and campaigning in hotspot areas.

Our regional community engagement programmes are proven to ignite interest and shift public perception to deliver positive and sustainable change around the topics of:

We act as an extension of your brand in the communities you serve

On behalf of our clients, we engage with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses every year to bring about habits that are positive for the environment. 

Water companies are under increasing pressure to improve their environmental performance and our community engagement programmes are helping to shift the dial in the right direction.

We also collaborate to create online resources, social campaigns, and press activities to support your objectives.


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Community engagement involves engaging with local businesses and households to educate them about important topics. 

Done successfully, it changes the beliefs and actions within a community to create positive and sustainable outcomes.

Community engagement programmes benefit all parties. 

For our clients, it enhances your brand reputation and facilitates deeper relationships within the communities you serve. For locals, it drives environmental and social change in areas that need it most.

One example is Scottish Water’s ‘Fat-Free Sewer Project’ in St Andrews, Cupar, and Dundee.

This involved working with 172 food businesses and educating around 300 kitchen staff about the importance of disposing of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) correctly to stop blockages and pollution.

This community engagement programme has prevented approximately 140 tonnes of FOG from entering the sewers each year.