Compliance services

We’ve built up an enviable reputation for delivering measurable results for our clients through our environmental compliance audit, monitoring, and support services.


Environmental compliance

Our award-winning environmental compliance programme ensures that food service establishments (FSEs) dispose of their fats, oils, and grease (FOG) responsibly and sustainably in line with Section 111 of The Water Industry Act 1991.

We’ve over 30 years of experience engaging, educating, and enforcing environmental compliance within the food sector on behalf of water companies and commercial landlords. Our work promotes the circular economy and prevents sewer blockages, flooding events, and environmental pollution incidents.

We audit, monitor, and support businesses to become and remain compliant

Achieving environmental compliance involves making a one-off commitment for most businesses. Maintaining compliance is the game-changer.

That’s why we not only perform inspections and audits, provide expert guidance, and coordinate solutions – we also carry out ongoing monitoring and support for our clients to make sure compliance is maintained over time.


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Environmental compliance involves adhering to legislation that’s designed to protect the environment.

Businesses have a duty to comply but may not have the knowledge of what’s required, or the time to make the necessary adjustments to their operations.

Failure to comply can result in legal, financial, and reputational consequences for businesses.

Our expertise lies in regulation concerning waste and wastewater discharges.

We have significant experience working with several water companies under Section 111 of The Water Industry Act 1991. Plus, the Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968. 

We also work with businesses advising on food waste disposal supporting Waste Scotland Regulations, and trade effluent discharge legislation across the UK.

Our clients include utility companies, government departments, real estate companies, and facilities management companies. 

Acting as an extension of your brand, we work with your customers and communities to educate and enforce environmental compliance.