Kitchen extraction and ventilation 

For over five years now, we’ve been working with commercial kitchens to make sure their extraction equipment and practices – comply with regulation.

The risks

Running a food service establishment involves making sure you have an effective kitchen extraction and ventilation system in place – which needs to be fitted properly, cleaned regularly, maintained, tested, and generally looked after in the right way.

In the event of a kitchen fire – if you’ve neglected to do this – your insurance company may not pay out.

How we can help

Our kitchen extraction and ventilation hygiene specialists will help you to adhere to regulation – by performing kitchen extraction testing methodologies – using the Wet Film Thickness Test (WFTT) and the Deposit Thickness Test (DTT) to verify the cleanliness of any ductwork.

We’ll also oversee any compliance solutions we recommend you take – making sure it’s the right course of action, delivered at the right cost.

Contact us today to get advice on effective kitchen extraction and ventilation practices.