Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)


We’ve over 25 years’ experience working with food service establishments – directly and on behalf of water companies and commercial landlords – helping them to dispose of their fats, oils and grease in the right away.

This avoids sewer blockages, flooding, and environmental pollution.

The Risks

Food businesses generate food waste – plus fats, oils, and grease (FOG). That’s normal.

But if it’s being disposed of in the wrong way, for example being allowed to go down sink and drains – then that’s a problem.

FOG and food waste that goes down pipes through sinks, dishwashers, and drains – can cause sewage to back up into premises and gardens. It can also pollute local streams and rivers, causing harm to wildlife. The build-up of FOG and food waste in drains, may also cause nasty odours and encourage rodent infestations, which can become a public health issue.

And what’s more, Section 111 of the Water Industry Act means disposing of FOG incorrectly is an offence and water companies can charge food businesses for any costs associated with blockages they’ve caused.

How We Can Help

To protect your business, your reputation, your community, the wastewater network, and the environment ­– we work with food service establishments to make sure they’re compliant and disposing of their kitchen waste in a responsible way.

We do this by:

Designing award-winning FOG management programmes
Performing inspections and audits of premises
Providing recommendations against what we find
Delivering training on best management practices to kitchen staff
Using relevant standards to establish what equipment should be installed
Providing ongoing guidance and support on how to remain compliant.
Enforcing regulation where necessary.

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