Our Strategies

Our strategy is to adapt to the challenges posed by our clients and food service establishment growth which in turn applies pressure to sewer networks. Our plan is to work with our clients to educate and prevent fats, oils and grease being discharged to the sewer network by delivering sustainable solutions. ECAS provides a robust sustainable approach to reducing the impact on the environment, and people’s homes of sewer flooding caused by the discharge of fats, oils and grease.

ECAS expertise is devising strategies aimed at short-term intervention and long term education and the needs of our clients. A reactive and proactive approach by our consultants has proven to deliver exemplary business benefits. There is a need to ensure that once an incident has occurred ECAS are called to investigate the root cause of the problem.

The extensive work ECAS has carried out with the water utilities over the last few years around strategy and its implementation processes puts us in a prime position to consult, educate and help our private client base to deliver sustainable solutions around corrective actions required for both new and existing outlets, This also assists our customers by providing commercial opportunities around the proper control, disposal and reuse of FOG and food waste, specifically in partnership with Water Utilities as many of them are looking to acquire this waste as a renewable fuel source.