A food producer poses a pollution risk

Read how our work helped to identify the source of pollution in a watercourse and recover over £375k for our client.

Our investigations help to stop further pollution of a watercourse


Severn Trent was notified about a pollution event. Foul waste was entering a balancing pond and a fishing lake, posing a serious environmental threat. Early investigations pointed to a blockage that had caused the pollution due to fats, oils, and grease (FOG) being discharged into the network. This was a breach of consent.

Working with our client’s trade effluent team, our job was to identify the contributor, work with them to stop future sewer misuse, and recover the costs incurred due to the incident. Our investigations tracked down the source of the blockage to a food production site. We got the business to begin installing grease-trapping equipment and pay for the clean-up costs.