Sustainable Solutions

We work in business communities encouraging organisations to adopt more sustainable ways of working to help protect the planet and their bottom line. 


Helping businesses to operate more sustainably

Against the backdrop of climate change, we encourage business customers to embrace new ways of working that are more sustainable.  

We make the case for change and coordinate solutions that can easily be incorporated into everyday operations.  

Our work helps businesses to: 

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Climate change brings with it more extreme and unpredictable patterns of rainfall. This puts pressure on combined sewer networks and increases the risk of sewer floods. 

 SuDS help to mitigate floods and conserve drinking water. That’s why, on behalf of our utility clients, we promote using SuDS in communities at risk of flooding. 

 Unlike traditional drainage systems that capture and channel water away from properties, SuDS allow rainwater to be soaked into the ground or stored to be reused to offset drinking water usage.  

 Read about the work we’re doing in Mansfield on behalf of Severn Trent to support their green recovery programme. <insert link> 


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Sustainable solutions are propositions that help businesses to meet the present needs of their stakeholders without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. 

 Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are just one example. But there are many more. 

It’s critical that businesses act now to respond to climate change by finding ways to operate more sustainably. In fact, legislative changes are demanding that organisations do this by law. 

 Not only does this help businesses to reduce their impact on the environment, but it can also deliver efficiency and reputational gains too. 

For over 30 years, the ECAS team has been providing solutions to environmental challenges that businesses and communities face everywhere. 

 With extensive experience – drawn from partnering with utility companies – we understand the rapid impact of climate change and what businesses can do to adapt.