We Work For You

ECAS provides consultancy and contracting services to commercial clients. We specialise in sustainable FOG management programmes, waste enforcement services, recycling campaigns and consult on waste to energy projects. A reactive and proactive approach is proven to deliver exemplary business benefits. There is a need to ensure that once an incident has occurred ECAS are called to investigate the root cause of the sited incident.

ECAS expertise will assist in discovering the root cause of any issue experienced within the internal or external drainage network and will provide solutions that fit our client’s requirements in order to prevent this waste being a problem into the future. All solutions put forward by ECAS will protect and future proof any requirements the Water Utilities may impose on our clients in the future.

ECAS provides high quality sustainable environmental services to both food service chains and individual food service businesses nationwide. We assist our clients by providing relief from the growing pressure being put on them by the Water & Sewerage Service Companies (WaSC) through the enforcement of the Public Health Act 1936 and the Water Pollution Act 1991. The Acts cover the discharge to sewers of Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) and food waste. These discharges are causing large incidents of floodings, pollutions and sewer blockages nationwide and as a result the new Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODI’s) in AMP6 the WaSC are now starting to run enforcement programmes to control these discharges.