Third-line assurance checks for regulatory reporting

We offer independent auditing services to help make sure the regulatory performance information you publish to your stakeholders is trustworthy and can stand up to scrutiny.


If you’re a utility company, your regulatory performance information must be transparent and trustworthy.

Our job is to help provide that extra level of assurance through the independent checking of internal data, sources, and processes. We work quickly, methodically, and accurately.

Providing external scrutiny to uphold the integrity of water company information

Our third-line assurance checks help to give water companies the confidence that what their teams are reporting reflects reality. 

We scrutinise the information your internal people are collecting and offer an independent perspective to either corroborate or challenge the picture that’s being painted.


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Third-line assurance checks provide objective verification of the regulatory performance data that’s being reported – along with the sources and methods used to inform that picture.

As the name suggests, it follows first-line assurance checks usually done by the teams responsible for reporting on their own performance. And second-line assurance checks done by teams who work in other areas of the organisation.

Third-line assurance checks offer an added layer of validation that helps foster customer trust, instil confidence in internal processes, and ultimately improve business outcomes.

Within the water industry, they’re required by the regulator, Ofwat, to guarantee that reports are transparent, robust, and easy to compare across the industry.

On behalf of utility companies, we specialise in providing third-line assurance checks of data surrounding incidents affecting customers and the environment. For example, sewer collapses or sewer flooding events.

Our desk-based teams have extensive knowledge of the water and waste network. They examine information – against established criteria – that comes in many formats, from crew notes to CCTV footage.