Third party cost recovery

On behalf of our clients – we recover costs that have been incurred because of breaches in legislation and regulation – for example, Section 111 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

This is often from businesses that are unwilling to change their behaviours and practices, despite the time we’ve spent with them to help them to become compliant.

The risks

Legislation and regulation exist to protect people and their surroundings.

When people knowingly run their day-to-day business while violating standards – they can cause harm or damage to: employees, customers, premises, assets, or the environment.

And what’s more, financial costs are incurred by those organisations who are then required to fix the consequences of those breaches.

How we can help

Cost recovery is usually something which happens at the latter stages of engaging with any business – usually when all else fails.

We’ll help you by:

✓ Making sure businesses know what their obligations are
✓ Identifying any breaches in specific legislation and regulation
✓ Creating a comprehensive record of all communication and intervention
✓ Collating robust evidence to warrant cost recovery action
✓ Managing the end-to-end cost recovery process
✓ Successfully recouping all costs to time.

Contact us today to recover your costs.