Third-party cost recovery

On behalf of our clients, we successfully recover costs that have been incurred because of breaches in regulation.


Legislation exists to protect people and the environment

When people knowingly run their day-to-day businesses ignoring legislation, they cause harm or damage to employees, customers, premises, assets, or the environment.

We mitigate those risks by:

Third-party cost recovery for the water sector

Water companies use our services to recover costs in line with Section 111 of the Water Industry Act 1991. This states that it’s a criminal offence to block or damage the sewer network.

As a last resort, we’ve recouped millions of pounds from negligent, non-compliant food business owners. This is to pay for costs incurred to deal with blockages or damage to the public sewer.


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Third-party cost recovery is where companies outsource the job of recouping costs from their customers to a third-party organisation, like ECAS.

Our expertise lies in recovering costs that originate from failing to adhere to environmental compliance.

On behalf of our clients, we issue a ‘notice of recharge’ that shows the costs our client has incurred because of the actions of any given business.

It also includes robust evidence that demonstrates the number of attempts we’ve made to work with the business leading up to the ‘notice of recharge’.

Since 2013, our dedicated third-party cost recovery team has successfully recouped millions of pounds for our clients.

Our work has proven to be instrumental in changing the behaviours of tens of thousands of non-compliant businesses and preventing further breaches of legislation.