Legal services

Our tried and tested methodical approach supports you with legal prosecutions to address non-compliant behaviours that pose a threat to the environment.


Helping our clients prepare to prosecute

The decision to legally prosecute a business is yours and yours alone.

Our job is to help you to prepare for a successful outcome that sends a powerful message to your communities about the consequences of non-compliance.

Over eight successful prosecutions for the water industry

We’ve worked on more than eight successful prosecution cases for water companies in line with Section 111 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Prosecutions are usually instigated by extreme cases of sewer misuse or where deliberate sewer misuse is found to be the root cause.

Legal prosecution always follows an exhaustive process of engagement and education to try and get the business owner to do the right thing. It’s a decision that’s always driven by our clients and where it’s in the public interest to do so.


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On behalf of our clients, we help to independently gather and prepare sufficient and robust evidence to support a breach of environmental compliance. 

Leading up to legal prosecution we will have worked hard to get the business to comply and avoid legal proceedings.

Our expertise lies in enforcing environmental compliance. We’re specifically familiar with water and waste legislation in the commercial sector.

For example, The Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968 and The Water Industry Act 1991.

A proven track record, unique attention to detail, the ability to gather and analyse complex information, a deep knowledge of water and waste legislation, and the latest technology that’s smart and secure – all combine to make ECAS your preferred supplier when it comes to helping you prepare for legal prosecutions.