Improving river health

We protect river quality by reducing pollution incidents and acting as the eyes and ears within your communities.


Helping the water industry to significantly improve river health

Utility companies are under extreme pressure to improve the quality of rivers and seas within their regions. 

Our job is to work alongside your teams to proactively promote positive river health so that everyone can enjoy our waters today and in the future.

Our work in your community has positive gains for river health

We help water companies proactively spot problems in the communities they serve. Issues that could jeopardise the quality of the water in the rivers and seas within their region. The industry term for this is self-reporting.

This might involve identifying blockage hotspots and educating communities about the consequences of sewer misuse. Or working with local environmental trusts on projects that boost biodiversity.



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River health simply refers to the condition of a river, or body of water, and its ability to support healthy aquatic life. 

The impact that humans and industries have on rivers has become a major focus for environmental groups across the UK and beyond.

Rivers get polluted by things like sewage discharges or chemicals which can harm both people and wildlife. 

For example, when fats, oils, and grease (FOG) or wet wipes block the sewers. The sewage is forced back up to the surface and can enter watercourses causing a pollution incident.

The main services we offer include proactive community engagement, education, and enforcement activities around sewer misuse. 

In addition, we provide third-line assurance checks for regulatory reporting around pollution events. We also assist water companies with self-reporting activities that focus on spotting issues or opportunities to prevent pollution and promote biodiversity.