ECAS head to the sea!

Read how we helped protect 50 kilometres of sewers from getting blocked with fat as part of Anglian Water’s Flush to Treatment initiative.

Helping to keep the sewers clean in a seaside town


A seaside town was a real blockage hotspot. Peppered with food outlets serving thousands of tourists – some commercial kitchens allowed their fats, oils, and grease (FOG) to escape down plugholes and drains.

The operational teams at Anglian Water cleansed 50 kilometres of sewer network stretching across this popular seaside resort. With the pipes now clear, our job was to help the community keep them that way through our award-winning sewer misuse education programme.

Our Anglian Water colleagues reported that 200 tonnes of unflushables, FOG, and waste were removed from the pipes. We’ll continue to monitor and support the local food businesses to ensure they keep fat out of the sewers. Anglian Water will also check that the pipes continue flowing freely via sewer sensors.