Noise Surveys and Control Services


Work with us to measure the impact of noise in your workplace or property – making sure you’re aware of and controlling the risks, adhering to regulations, and helping to protect people’s hearing – while they’re on or around your premises.

The Risks

Noise can cause hearing damage and loss ­– both temporary and permanent. It can also pose wider health and safety risks, when it impairs a person’s ability to communicate properly.

As an employer, a manager of a site, or a landlord – you have a responsibility to assess if work-related noise is an issue for you, the people who work for you, and the people who occupy your buildings.

Noise problems can occur if sounds are too loud, and if the sounds are prolonged.

Legislation is in place to protect people’s hearing, and to provide advice to businesses on how to limit people’s exposure to noise.

How We Can Help

We can work with you to assess the risks, and make sure you’re adhering to necessary noise regulations.

We’ll help you by:

Making sure you know what your obligations are
Identifying any sources of noise in your premises
Measuring noise levels in different areas, and at different times
Assessing who might be affected by that noise and the levels of disturbance caused
Providing a comprehensive set of requirements to become and remain compliant.

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